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neat images 
12:23pm 06/05/2006
mood: creative
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modern art bases 2 
11:13am 06/05/2006
mood: artistic
images from gettyimages and corbis.
i edited and resized all of these bad boys.

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modern art bases 
03:40pm 05/05/2006
mood: accomplished
Images courtesy of gettyimages & corbis.

I resized all of these and edited most. Credit is not needed. Just comment with what you take. :]

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Affiliate's Post 
01:05pm 05/05/2006
mood: creative
Hello, lovelies. :] This is your moderator, Kt. 
I'm pretty excited to get this community up and running, so please, I'd love some members! 
Anyone is open to post, just make sure you read the rules.

Also, please comment this entry if you'd like to be an affiliate. Just post your link and I'll add you shortly. :]
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